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A good marketing strategy is the “how to” action plan that gets you there – Execution is the key.



The “strategic” execution of the right message, to the right people, at the right time – It’s what we do.



We establish upfront metrics to create a baseline for success – If you can’t measure it, don’t do it!


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IMS was founded by Bob Schaffer in 1998 in Detroit. Like most “about us” portions of a website, there’s a story. And to understand the IMS story, we have to start from the very beginning.

As a GM Marketer, Bob worked with the largest and best advertising agencies in the world. “The access we had to resources was phenomenal, from Advertising, Direct, Sales Promotion, Training, Auto Shows, Events, Merchandising, Sports Marketing and multiple agencies and internal and external resources. At Oldsmobile, between our incentives and sales promotion budgets alone we had over $700mm in national funding. There was this new thing called the Internet too.” Most of these activities were coordinated by siloed resources internally and externally and were coordinated through sheer luck and coincidence. Bob Schaffer put together the first national sales promotion in 1994 for the 1995 Ryder Cup – Coordinating agreements with the PGA of America, Leo Burnett advertising, National manufacturing and distribution, National Incentives and GMAC, National training with techniques, national merchandising with Alpha One, and Sales Promotions support from Miller/Zell as well as others. Then we went on to document the process which we could coordinate our marketing activities through a proprietary online management tool developed by EDS.

This became our model.

We eliminated over 100 promotional an national disjointed activities and put together quarterly coordinated national integrated campaigns. We went on to work with movie release “Get Shorty” with John Travolta, “The X-Files”, the NCAA Championships – March Madness and the Bowl Alliance – Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl… Then to the 1996 Atlanta Olympic games on on the the Indy Racing League and the INDY 500. This was a better mousetrap. We had matrix measurement resources, quantifiable data, more efficient and effective buys, leveraged resources and online results. I wrote a white paper for VSSM and the entire marketing organization to share our integrated documented approach for national activities and sports and entertainment activities. I established the first non-advertising AOR (agency of record) agreement with Frankel and company in 1996. It was like pulling teeth. The next one took only a few weeks and many jumped on the bandwagon who were against it, but it assisted in providing necessary resources that were extremely limited by traditional ad agencies.

After 18 ears and 9 jobs at GM, it was time to start IMS. And we have never looked back.

If you want people that are passionate about doing smart, strategic, leveraged marketing that will help you build your brand and make money. We’re on your side. We never forget that it’s about selling something, not winning awards. We constantly look for new mediums to assist you in your business, regardless of whether or net we offer the service. It’s about what makes sense for you and your business. It was born out of true passion for efficiency and effective marketing. That’s why we’re different. We live it.



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